Over 90 years at the bed of Arashiyama-Togetsukyou, we have been providing Kyoto-style cuisine and Kaiseki-meals using fresh, seasonal ingredients.
Our specialities include dishes using local Kyoto produce, as well as Saga-favorite poached tofu, yuba, and seasonal hot pot menus.
We look forward to welcoming your visit with the soothing stream of the Ooigawa, along with the river-side view of the Hourinji temple.


Shop NameArashiyama yuugetu
AddressKanyuuchi Saga nakanoshimamachi Ukyo-ku Kyoto
Tel / FAX075-861-0210
Open11:00-Last order19:00
Day offThursday(During On Season, we open almost days)
OwnerKoji Inui
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